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Why you need to Buy Instagram Followers?


Quickly Grow your audience

If you buy instagram followers it will help you to grow your audience quickly than you do it by yourself manually such as following and unfollowing. Other users may ask you follow back instead of following you. We are here to help you and you don’t need to wait more and see your audience base growing instantly.

Chance of Getting sponsors and brands deals

Brands and sponsors like to work with influencers that already have a large following. By buying followers you can boost your following quick and easy, so you can get sponsor and brand deals much faster than before. We have literally helped hundreds of clients get deals with huge brands.

It takes less effort

When you buy Instagram followers, you don’t need to scour forums, groups, and other platforms just to find the right people and get them to follow your account. Skweezer will give your username to their network of Instagram users and they will do all the work for you. They will follow you, like your posts and sometimes repost your content on their own feed.

Get verified

We have verified over 50 clients so far. These are actual numbers, we can show case studies if you wish (just email our sales department). To get verified on Instagram, you need a large following. Buying followers can increase your chances to get verified, and this method is proven to work over and over again. Try it out!

All orders start within 24-48 hours after your order has been placed. In most cases, your full quantity is delivered within 48 hours, but sometimes it can take an extra day or two, depending on the quantity you had ordered. We deliver our followers fast, so you will get them in a timely manner.

Here at Social Hungama we pride ourselves in exceptional service and affordable prices.

23 reviews for Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

  1. 5 out of 5


    If you are looking for the best service for buying followers, these guys are it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I would describe Social Hungama as quick, easy and painless. They do not levy extra costs and is very affordable.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Social Hungama is the best website for those who are looking for authentic followers for their Instagram account. I came to know about Social Hungama through one of my friends and gave it a shot to get a clear understanding of their services. Within minutes, my order for 500 followers was processed without any hassle. Thank you, Social Hungama for providing us with this fantastic service.

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    I would like to have Instagram followers as much as possible in short period of time. The Social Hungama provides quick solution and provide followers for reasonable prices.

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    I wanted some quick followers just before holiday season. These guys were able to deliver, merry Christmas guys!

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    Social Hungama is a great site! Easily (and affordably) allows for any user to purchase quality users. Definitely use Social Hungama if you want more followers!

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    If you want to get a lot of followers, you need to buy some first! This service is a must have for anyone getting into internet marketing. Instagram is completely essential in building your social profile. There is not another service better than this, great support, lots of options, and quick results.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Social Hungama offers you a safe, convenient and efficient way to promote your business

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    Social Hungama erased my skepticism with quality service, affordable cost, and speedy delivery. Thanks!

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    Social Hungama is a website that is known for delivering high-quality followers. When I made my first payment with them, I was so surprised to see my followers count grow in real time. It was a great experience with Social Hungama, and I will definitely uses their services in future. Thanks a lot, Social Hungama.

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    Social Hungama is an affordable and effective way to increase your likes and followers

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    I wanted 100% authentic followers because I was heading a reputed social media campaign. And, I got exactly what I wanted. Great service!

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    I want to rich high rank of visibility in social media. The Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Being in Instagram in high rank is the key point of my business success. The follower’s numbers are increasing slowly, so I decide to buy them from Social Hungama as it’s the fastest way.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Social is very reliable and authentic. their service is very quick and satisfactory. again their price is comparatively cheap. i suggest everyone to use their service. thanks.

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    Social Hungama delivered real Instagram followers who interact with my posts. Now my profile looks more professional and legit than ever. Loved their service!

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    Social Hungama can be considered as the number one website for buying Instagram followers. Fully satisfied with the service.

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    I was able to get more followers within two minutes than I got in two years after joining Instagram. Thank you, Social Hungama.

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    Social Hungama can help you get more followers. When your Instagram profile is equipped with a good number of followers, people will feel that there is a great community who is interested in the products or services that you offer.

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    Social Hungama provides the best service for people looking for authentic followers for their Instagram account. I was a bit hesitant when reading the negative reviews, but still, I trusted my gut and placed an order with them. To my surprise, it totally worked as I expected. Thank you, Social Hungama for providing us with this wonderful service.

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    I want to increase the social network visibility of my business and I decided to buy Instagram followers from Social Hungama as this service is well known and trustworthy.

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    I recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow the followers base of their Instagram account. I purchased a package of 5000 followers last week, and my order was delivered in under 2 hours which isn’t the case with other Instagram service providers in the market.

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